Five Reasons Why Self-Promotion is Positive

Self-promotion is positive though many people do not think of it that way.

Can you believe it’s September? How did this happen? I did accomplish many of my summertime goals, yet the continuing presence of the pandemic shortcut others. How about you? And, what does this have to do with understanding why self-promotion is positive?

Unfortunately, it […]

How to Build Inner Strength to Stand in Your own Power

When I first started out in business, I never truly understood how to build inner strength to stand in your own power. Maybe, I’m only really getting it now! I recognize it as one of the hallmarks of a true leader. When I attended Landmark that helped. Courses taken over the years helped. Observing and […]

5 Reasons Why Coaching Women Business Owners is Rewarding

I can’t help it. I find coaching women business owners, or women during a career transition, rewarding. People no longer ask, “Why are you still working?” Instead, they more frequently ask, “What are you working on now?!”

I used to say that I was a business coach. And I am. If you take my SOAR for […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Hire A Business Coach Now

A business coach can help women business owners move forward quickly with the right exposure, visibility and readiness in place. If you ever thought about hiring a coach, now is the time.

We have been through a tough period. While some of you fared really well, others found it a struggle. Now, with the news […]

Share, learn and connect with Wonder Women Mastermind Club – women business owners from across the country

You are invited to join our Wonder Women Mastermind Club. We meet online every third Wednesday of the month from 1:00pm-2:30pm CT. $60 Annual fee through August 1, 2021. $20 1x Guest fee. Attend our next meeting: https://gailzelitzky.com/wonder-women-mastermind/registration-form/ 

Share. Learn. Connect.

This has been a difficult year, and, especially, for women business owners. Used to their children […]

Stop – Shift Your Thinking Now – you will get different results!

It’s spring. Time to shift your thinking to get different results.

The crocuses are blooming, the sun is shining more days than not and today, on my walk, I saw a beautiful field of snow glories. These carefree plants multiply annually to blanket your spring in blue. They signal spring is coming.

The shift in the weather […]

5 Important Ways Women Support Each Other

It is important that women support each other. I’m Gail Zelitzky, founder of GEARSHIFT™, Wonder Women Mastermind Club, Women Rising, and Women Over 70-Aging Reimagined podcast.

My passion is coaching women business owners to expand personally and professionally while working smarter, growing faster and discovering their hidden potential, all while leading fulfilling lives.

How many of you […]

Shift Your Thinking and Watch Your Revenue SOAR!

Are you ready to shift the way you think about revenue?
In 2018, PayScale.com/May20 reported that:
Business Coaches earn $279 per hour, up from $235-$245 the last three years. Life Coaches earn $190 per hour, unchanged for the last three years. According to PayScale.com the average median self-employed life coach salary is $46,678.     

The quote says that coaches […]

The Magic of Women Networking

Recognizing that this has been a difficult time, especially for women business owners, I was inspired to create an online networking group where women business owners could collaborate and connect for success, regardless of their location in the world.

Last July I wrote: “There’s never been a better time to listen, share and learn with […]

10 Suggestions for Finding Time to Give Thanks this Holiday Season

Finding time to give thanks is not always easy

If you and your family have escaped infection from Covid-19, that is a lot to be thankful for! 

If your business is thriving, stand up, raise your hands to the sky and say THANK YOU! And, pat yourself on the back because you have done a great job. […]