Share resources, wisdom and experience, support each other’s growth. Thrive on the energy and excitement of our collaborative meetings. Walk away with renewed clarity, vision and energy. Invite transformation and mastermind your future!

Led and facilitated by Gail Zelitzky, 2-time multi-million-dollar business owner, celebrating 20-years as a business coach, educator, mentor, author and speaker. When you collaborate with Gail you shift your perspective to realign your inner wisdom and outer behavior. You might even reimagine your vision for your business and rediscover who you truly are and the life you want to lead.

If you relish deep diving with other women business owners, Wonder Women Mastermind is for you.


  • Active and passionate?
  • Curious and collaborative?
  • Filled with big dreams and lots of ambition?
    and most of all,
  • Burning to accomplish your dreams now?
Wonder Women Mastermind is definitely right for you.


  • In this climate, what are all the ways I can regain my footing, reinvent myself and create a stronger business?
  • Will I be where I need to be 1 year from now?
  • Where are the women I can really talk with to discuss what’s happening in my business and not feel utterly alone?
  • Where can I get practical, implementable solutions and resources to my problems that I can put to work immediately?
Achieve your goals faster when you work on your business
with a supportive team of peers.


  • Stress is reduced knowing you have like-minded people in your corner
  • New ideas start to flow

  • You feel motivated and immediately begin to regain momentum
  • Your confidence and capabilities are reinforced


Join our monthly Online Membership Mastermind:

  • Meets on Zoom the 3rd Wednesday of the month 1:00-2:30 PM CT
  • Receive a regularly updated membership email list
  • Suggest topics for future discussions
  • Receive written recaps after each meeting
  • Network in Breakout Rooms and get to know your fellow members
  • Enjoy highly structured meetings where everyone is heard Engage in our Wonder Women Mastermind Facebook group
Membership Fee: $20 per session / $200 per year if paid in full

Join our monthly Online Small Group Coaching Program:

  • Meets on Zoom the 3rd Thursday of the month 1:00-3:00 PM CT
  • Limited to 10 women business owners
  • Brainstorm solutions to your most pressing issues, challenges and everyday concerns
  • Monthly Hot Seats
  • Set goals / Accountability built in
  • Templates for maximum engagement
Membership Fee: $150 per session / $1500 per year if paid in full

Join our Wonder Women Mastermind group

What is Wonder Women? We are a group of successful women entrepreneurs that are looking for our next stage for our companies. We are led by the amazing Gail Zelitzky in a supportive peer to peer master mind group. This isn’t easy – but with Gail’s leadership we are all striving to be a better version of what we’ve built alone. I’m tackling issues with a new perspective and seeing results which is so very rewarding and empowering! We don’t stand still and we don’t compete. We are WONDER WOMEN!
Diane Yetter, Yetter
Wonder Women is my Board of Directors for my business and Coaching Group for my professional growth. Business has been flowing in since joining in February.
Lynn Hazan, Lynn Hazan and Associates