Share resources, wisdom and experience, support each other’s growth.
Thrive on the energy and excitement of our collaborative meetings.
Walk away with renewed clarity, vision and energy.
Invite transformation and mastermind your future!


If you relish deep diving with other women who have owned their business for 5 years or more, Wonder Women is for you.

If you have 1 employee or more, virtual, in-house, part-time or full time, Wonder Women is for you.

If you are an active, passionate individual who possesses inner drive and innate curiosity, Wonder Women is for you.

If you love serving others, have big dreams and lots of ambition, with a burning desire to accomplish them now, then Wonder Women is definitely right for you.


  1. Why is growing my company harder than I thought it would be?
  2. I’m running so fast, will I ever have time for family and friends again?
  3. Will I be where I need to be 3 years from now?
  4. Where are the women that I can really talk with to discuss the ins and outs of my business and not feel shamed or demeaned, and get answers that I can put to work immediately?
  5. When is the last time I truly reflected on who I am and where I am going?
  6. Why do I sometimes have to stop myself from wanting to run away?
  7. I know I’m successful yet why do I often doubt myself?
What is Wonder Women? We are a group of experienced successful women entrepreneurs that are looking for our next stage for our companies. We are led by the amazing Gail Zelitzky in a supportive peer to peer master mind group. This isn’t easy – but with Gail’s leadership we are all striving to be a better version of what we’ve built alone. I’m tackling issues with a new perspective and seeing results which is so very rewarding and empowering! We don’t stand still and we don’t compete. We are WONDER WOMEN!
Diane Yetter, Yetter
Wonder Women is my Board of Directors for my business and Coaching Group for my professional growth. Business has been flowing in since joining in February.
Lynn Hazan, Lynn Hazan and Associates


  • Be a woman business owner for at least 5 years
  • Have 1 employee – virtual, part-time, full-time or other
  • Are able to commit to meeting monthly on the 3rd Wednesday from 1pm to 5 pm. (change of dates may be accommodated as needed)
  • Are able to commit to meeting monthly over Zoom on the 1st Wednesday night from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM
  • Location: Downtown Chicago, close to the L train and the Metra
  • Are willing to promote our Mastermind Guest Days with expert speakers on topics you determine (e.g. Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media; Dean Delisle, Forward Progress; Prof. James Maurey, De Paul University; Mana Ionescu, Lightspan Digital)
  • Are willing to experience new adventures together (e.g. painting as a group, water taxi to Chinatown, special dinners, escape rooms)
  • Can commit to meet 1:1 with your coach for 1 hour each quarter

Total Value: $23,450
YOU PAY ONLY: $4,500/year when paid in full or quarterly
(or pay monthly $400/month)


Led and facilitated by Gail Zelitzky,, 2-time multi-million-dollar business owner and 20-year business coach, educator, mentor. Gail insures all meetings are thought-provoking, stimulating and productive.

  1. 1st Wednesday Evening – 1 hour Zoom Call
  2. 3rd Wednesday Afternoon – 4 hour in-person meeting
  3. Unique Local Adventures – 3 Each Year
  4. Guest Meetings with Speakers – Quarterly

Or if you’d rather speak with me directly, please get on my calendar and schedule a call!