Share resources, wisdom and experience, support each other’s growth.
Thrive on the energy and excitement of our collaborative meetings.
Walk away with renewed clarity, vision and energy.
Invite transformation and mastermind your future!


Experienced business owners and professional women. Active, passionate individuals who possess inner drive, innate curiosity and are preparing for the next chapter in their lives.


  1. What’s next for my business and for me?
  2. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  3. Have I accomplished all I desire, or am I still seeking greater impact?
  4. Should I consider selling my business? If so, when?
  5. What would transition look like?
  6. Have I realistically planned how much money I need to fund retirement?
  7. What is the legacy I want to leave?
What is Wonder Women? We are a group of experienced successful women entrepreneurs that are looking for our next stage for our companies. We are led by the amazing Gail Zelitzky in a supportive peer to peer master mind group. This isn’t easy – but with Gail’s leadership we are all striving to be a better version of what we’ve built alone. I’m tackling issues with a new perspective and seeing results which is so very rewarding and empowering! We don’t stand still and we don’t compete. We are WONDER WOMEN!
Diane Yetter, Yetter
Wonder Women is my Board of Directors for my business and Coaching Group for my professional growth. Business has been flowing in since joining in February.
Lynn Hazan, Lynn Hazan and Associates


Your business is your baby. You gave it breath, nurtured it, inspired its success. You are the mastermind behind its growth and long-term sustainability! Now what?

Can you imagine how satisfying it would be to meet monthly with other women in the same stage as you, who view your success as important as their own and are committed to supporting you 100% with resources, knowledge, wisdom and best practices? A safe-haven where no question is too silly or private. A confidential, open setting where you can bring your current challenges, big dreams and audacious goals and know with 100% certainty you will be taken seriously and get answers?


Led and facilitated by Gail Zelitzky,, 2-time multi-million-dollar business owner and 20-year business coach, educator, mentor. Gail insures all meetings are thought-provoking, stimulating and productive.

  1. 1st Wednesday Evening – 1 hour Zoom Call
  2. 3rd Wednesday Morning – 4 hour in-person meeting
  3. Unique Local Adventures – 3 Each Year
  4. Guest Meetings with Speakers – Quarterly