In a recent meeting of my Women Rising coaching group for women-owned businesses, we discussed Change & Uncertainty vs. Risk-taking and Chaos. I suggested that with the right mindset, change can be improvisational. That way, it never feels uncertain even though it includes a bit of risk.

When is the last time you felt you had to make an important change in your life or your business? Were you equipped to identify the main issue? Did you have a process for finding a solution? Could you work through the chaos that surrounded you? All of us, as business owners are constantly in a state of improvisational change. One could say, life is an improvisation that attempts to bring order from chaos. Getting clear on this concept will save you unnecessary angst, and, of course, time and money. And it will move you forward faster.

I first learned about this from Pamela Meyer, author of “From Workplace to Playspace” and “The Agility Shift“. She said there are 3 Stages of Improvisational Change:

  • Competence – you have the ability to respond to the unexpected and unplanned
  • Consciousness – you have a lively awareness of the possibilities
  • Confidence – you have a belief of your own, and others’ abilities

Throughout my long career in coaching business owners I’ve learned that people have varying degrees of success with these 3 stages. It’s only when each one is fully understood that they become a positive part of your thinking and acting. That’s when the good stuff happens!!

Many years ago I created a Quality of Life Wheel to assess how well important areas of life are working. One of our members declared during this discussion, “I’m going to pin it on the board in front of my desk so that I can assess and reassess its meaning to me.” I congratulated her on grasping the importance of recognizing that she is in control of having the life she wants. That’s the key. It is her life. I always try to leave judgment at the door!

By the way, if you would like a copy of my Quality of Life Wheel I’ll be happy to send it to you. Just let me know.

Margaret Wheatley is a well known scholar who wrote about The Unplanned Organization: Learning from Nature’s Emergent Creativity. In one of her many articles on the subject, she offered a list related to the topic. Here are a few of them that hit home with me:

  • We live in a world in which life wants to happen
  • We live in a universe that is alive, creative and experimenting all the time to discover what’s possible
  • Life uses messes to get to well-ordered solutions
  • Life is intent of finding what works, not what’s right
  • Life creates more possibilities as it engages with opportunities

I might also add that life is too short to try figuring it all out by yourself. Living in chaos is not fun. Not following a process to find solutions means you are always grasping for new ideas that may or may not be relevant to your situation.

Coaching groups make learning fun. You realize that you are not alone and that many of your fears are shared by your peers. As I’ve discovered, a lot of the ideas I’ve used to coach through the years become ever more clear to me as the decades pass. That means that I’m a better coach. (I’ve always been a terrific facilitator. In fact, that started when I was in 2nd grade!)

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