Today, smart women seek guidance so they can build a strong foundation on which to grow year after year. In my 1st career, I owned 2 multi-million-dollar companies. It was not easy. I struggled because I did not ask for enough help. I thought I was expected to do it all on my own. This is why I coach women.

I’m passionate about teaching them the tips and tricks that make it easier to operate and could take years to learn. Your time is too valuable to make mistakes that are avoidable. Experience less stress and grow faster, personally and professionally, in less time.

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You are a woman business owner. Your love of collaborating and connecting with other women helps you to grow faster and accomplish your goals.

You need answers in a confidential setting where you can reveal the most important issues of your business with a small group that supports you, is nurturing and knows exactly what you need.

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Interactive, engaged learning is in! Public speaking is an art that requires a true desire to impact the audience.

The right blend of story-telling, authenticity, entertainment and education brings forth meaningful substance and provides value.

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“Understanding my numbers has resulted in my biggest growth spurt. Completing Gail’s SOAR Worksheet on a monthly basis helps me understand what to focus on. I grew my business 10% this year. I no longer feel like its dumb luck. I’m now in control.” —Ellen Anderson, Rally Insurance


“Gail helped me so much! I was stuck. In a rut and no longer enthusiastic about work I’d once loved. I knew I had to shake things up but didn’t know where to start and I felt overwhelmed with the prospect. While I was accountable to my clients for my work for them, no was holding me accountable to me! Gail got me motivated and energized to help me get my groove back and move forward on my own business marketing efforts and helped me to more clearly define what I had to offer clients and prospects. I’m sticking to her plan and now my business is growing. Best of all, I’m excited about my job again. I highly recommend her!” —Dyana Flanigan, Flanigan Communications


“I know the business principles but get so mired in the day to day I lose perspective. I also get caught up in a great idea. You guide me to figure out why it fits or if I need to let it go; you help me evaluate potential decisions / plans.” —Cara Lindell, Kinetic Konnections

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