ExpertPerformance_logo “Gail has helped me grow my business and add multiple tens of thousands of dollars over last year. She holds me accountable and makes me think. I highly recommend her! She knows how to help you track progress, grow revenue, and become more successful. Gail helps me grow my energy to keep on going.” — Vince Racioppo, Center for Expert Performance

Kinetic_logo “I know the business principles but get so mired in the day to day I lose perspective. I also get caught up in a great idea. You guide me to figure out why it fits or I need to let it go; you help me evaluate potential decisions / plans.” — Cara Lindell, Kinetic Connections

Choidesign_logo “Gail helped me direct my individual growth as a leader, review difficult options around staffing and marketing, worked with my team and provided leadership coaching for my group manager. Gail is an important part of my team and I cannot imagine making decisions without her.” — Charles Choi, Choi Design Group

WellsFargo_logo “Your best practices and help during our Groups sessions continue to help me stay motivated with my team and my clients. I am very appreciative to the whole group and the leadership of Gail and George for helping keep my CHAOS Business year in Check and organized and moving forward. Gail’s and Georges Techniques, Strategies and Input are creating both opportunities and solutions to ALL OUR BUSINESSES.” — Stan Slovin, Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

TenantAdvisory_logo2 “You absolutely mesmerized the audience from beginning to end. You captivated them. They were completely attentive. I rarely see people respond that way.” — William Himmelstein, Tenant Advisory Group

Crains_logo “Go Go Gail! Fantastic leadership and you have great vision, insight and heart.” — Amy Shivvers, Crain’s Chicago Business

SourceHealing_logo “Thank you for the spreadsheet. We just got this filled out. It is definitely helpful in seeing and tracking progress and measuring metrics. Brilliant! Thank you for everything – putting up with my crazies, your wisdom and seeing me through a rough phase of my business.” — Christie Hwang Jordan, Source Healing