I can’t help it. I find coaching women business owners, or women during a career transition, rewarding. People no longer ask, “Why are you still working?” Instead, they more frequently ask, “What are you working on now?!”

I used to say that I was a business coach. And I am. If you take my SOAR for Success Quiz, you will see it is all about making sure your business is on track. When you scrutinize it from 360 degrees, you identify gaps that help you improve in the areas of Sales/Strategies, Operations/Opportunities, Action/Attitudes and Results/Relationships.

Shifting My Focus

A few years back, I noticed that 95% of my clients were women. So, I shifted to becoming a ‘Coach for Women Business Owners.’ And I am. When coaching men, it is primarily about Sales, Operations, Action and Results.

For women, it starts with Strategies, Opportunities, Attitudes and Relationships. Why? Because synchronizing their personal and professional values is most important. Then we move to the other side because both sides of the equation combine if you are to be a fully aware business owner.

My passion is coaching women who wish to grow, both as a person and a leader. Their businesses are working, and they are ready to put more focus into their values to ensure satisfaction. They care deeply about making an impact while contributing to economic growth and are active participants in the communities they serve. They champion causes in the hopes they will make the world a better place.

The main difference I see in coaching men vs. women is that women start their businesses with these values front and center. Values become benchmarks for milestones reached.

I find coaching women rewarding for these very reasons:

  1. Women believe in the importance of seeking help to achieve their goals.
  2. They learn from the wisdom of others who have gone before them.
  3. Women agree they don’t have to do it all alone.
  4. And, women know they’re good, but they can be more efficient by working smarter.

Forbes.com 50 Women Over 50 List

Forbes.com issued its inaugural list of 50 Women Over 50 this month. “The 50 Over 50″ list spotlights women who are rewriting the rules of success, shattering the prevailing misconceptions about age and gender in the workforce, and inspiring women — and men — through all stages of their careers,” said McGrath. “By telling the stories of these incredible women, and highlighting how they are making a difference in their community, industry or the world, we can also have critical conversations about the need to acknowledge the misconceptions about age and gender, and begin to change them.”


That is the mission of my podcast, Women Over 70-Aging Reimagined. Celebrating our two-year anniversary this June, we share the stories of women 70-103 because the lives they live shatter the myth everyday that women become irrelevant as they age. Their very stories fight ageism. From Social Justice to Expressive Arts, they inspire each other, and younger women, to recognize that life does not have to be jammed into two or three decades.

My partner, Catherine Marienau, and I are frequently invited to share the provocative stories of our guests and speak to groups on how shifting identities as you age enhances your life and those of others.

The final reason I find coaching women rewarding is this:

5. I love how women empower women.

Women create culturally diverse workplaces so employees recognize that all their lives are important. Women elevate other women because they consciously, deeply care that women succeed.

I love the ‘ahas’ and watching as women rise in their power to achieve financial security, overcome frustration and find satisfaction. These are among the reasons I continue to coach.

Check out my Wonder Women Mastermind Club and find a community of women business owners who collaborate for success. Interested in small group coaching? Ask me about Women Rising. And, oh yes. Have you published a book about women? Let us help you promote it through Womenover70.com.

I’m so proud to be a woman. The work I do greatly impacts others so they can stand in their power. I would love to help you stand in yours!

Yours for success always,