A business coach can help women business owners move forward quickly with the right exposure, visibility and readiness in place. If you ever thought about hiring a coach, now is the time.

We have been through a tough period. While some of you fared really well, others found it a struggle. Now, with the news that 60% of Americans are vaccinated and the economy expects to fully open by July 4, you have no time to waste. Yes, the word ‘pivot’ is overused. Still, you must be ready for your clients if they are going to buy your products and your services.

They are going to buy. The question is where will they make that purchase? Who will they look for? Will it be with you? What will it take for potential clients to find you?

Exposure, visibility and readiness are the key words for today.

Five telltale signs it’s time to hire a business coach

Sign 1: You haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in over six months. You’ve stopped participating in groups and creating comments that reflect your expertise and help people understand who you are and what you offer. Your insecurity shows, and that means you are losing business. The right exposure brings you revenue.

Sign 2: You no longer attend online networking groups. I get it. We’ve been on zoom for so many hours each day it is getting tiresome. Even groups you paid for no longer hold interest. However, how will you maintain all those relationships you have been building? Stay away too long and they will soon find new ones. Visibility never takes a vacation.

Sign 3: You were forced to reduce your staff. It’s time to consider your next hire. How will you handle the new business that comes your way? Do you have 1099s lined up to pick up the slack? When you feel unready to manage new accounts, you subconsciously work differently. Even, possibly, sabotaging yourself. Create a hiring plan. You may not have the right revenue now. However, there are ways to think about this. Consider your pipeline. If you know what you need to get where you are going, you will get there. Are you ready?

Sign 4: You are not ready to achieve your goals. Readiness is crucial if you hope to achieve your goals by the end of 2021. It happens on multiple levels all at the same time. A few areas to concentrate on are:

  • Sales / Service
  • Operations / Opportunities
  • Actions / Attitudes
  • Relationships / Results

The SOAR Strategic Approach helps you get ready. Once you understand it, you are ready to focus in on key objectives and become clear on what happens next for you to achieve your goals.

Sign 5: You are feeling alone. You have no one to talk to about your business – its potential, its challenges, its mind traps, how it plays with your mind. Finding the right people, managing your time between work, home and stress relief, I know, is hard on you. You have what it takes – you are savvy and ambitious. After all, we are Wonder Women! Keeping all the balls in the air is a full-time job by itself. All the exposure, clarity and readiness in the world will not make it easier for you to manage unless you have someone who appreciates what it really takes to be a woman business owner.

A business coach is an investment in yourself.

I had three children at home and was a single parent. I feel what you feel. For 23 years I owned two, multi-million dollar companies, with 24 employees in one and three employees in the other, all while raising my children. After leaving the liquor industry, I immediately began advising and coaching owners of small businesses. Women were my focus.

Mistakes are costly. Indecision slows growth.

My mission is for you to reap the benefits of owning your own business, to create a business that works for you and allows you financial freedom and a secure retirement. Creating impact is important to you. You do not need to go it alone. Help is waiting.

Take the SOAR for Success quiz on my website, and see if coaching can help you. Book a complimentary consultation with me. There are many benefits to hiring a coach. No matter what level you are at, accountability will move you along faster. The right exposure, visibility and readiness will contribute to your long-term success.

Put my hard-earned experience to work for you. 21 years of independent coaching in sales, operations, growth strategy, marketing, personal branding and leadership will get you to the top of your game. It takes a village to run a business and hiring a seasoned business coach is one way to make sure that village works for you.