Recognizing that this has been a difficult time, especially for women business owners, I was inspired to create an online networking group where women business owners could collaborate and connect for success, regardless of their location in the world.

Last July I wrote: “There’s never been a better time to listen, share and learn with women business owners from across the country“.

And, oh my, we are doing just that!

These are some of the thoughts captured in the chat from members at our last meeting:

PC would like to brainstorm with KT. “We have very similar markets. You were profound and exciting”; “A, Your voice is awesome! Great accent, you perked my ears up!”; “Two words to avoid: trying and but. You have a lovely offer.” “Loved your adjectives! Can you memorize that? Maybe on sentence? LOVE the painting. “JCR, I liked yours best so far; you pulled me in and then I wanted to know who you were”.

We encourage networking, sharing information, comments and resources.

My top four goals for Wonder Women Mastermind Club have not changed:

Goal #1

Grow the community. The beauty of a mastermind lies in its diversity. Not everyone can make every meeting so more members means positive interchange, and the opportunity to meet new members, each time the group meets. (That’s why I’ve extended the annual fee of $60 to anyone who joins before July 31, 2021. Email me to learn more.

Goal #2

Engage the community. Through recaps following each meeting, we try to capture important information shared in the breakout rooms, large group discussions and on chat. Members’ contact information is updated monthly and shared.

Goal #3

Spotlight members of the community. Each month we spotlight one member who wishes to share information of value to the group. This is educational, not promotional.

Goal #4

Highlight the community. The public Wonder Women Mastermind Facebook Group provides opportunities to share what you are up to, what else you need and offers an opportunity to hold conversations with the greater group.

Was it only in August, 2020 that Wonder Women Mastermind Club became a formal network?

We meet online each third Wednesday of the month from 1:00pm-2:30pm, central time. Annual dues are $60. If you join before July, 2021, your annual dues will never change. Each meeting new women, of all ages and stages, connect with us for networking and a treasure trove of resources.

The best part is the type of woman who has joined – selfless, relational, collaborative and interested in the other members. We learn from each other, make new connections and are beginning to transpire business, offer speaking engagements, promote our books. Members refer new members and that is how we grow.

Closing Thoughts

In the 21 years I’ve facilitated coaching groups for women business owners, this group excites me the most. If a networking opportunity like this is on your radar, we hope you will try us out. Guests may participate for $20/session, and I’m also offering a special $60 annual fee through July, 2021. Ask me about it.

I hope to see you at our next meeting.

Yours for continued success,

Gail 773-957-8582.