You are invited to join our Wonder Women Mastermind Club. We meet online every third Wednesday of the month from 1:00pm-2:30pm CT. $60 Annual fee through August 1, 2021. $20 1x Guest fee. Attend our next meeting: 

Share. Learn. Connect.

This has been a difficult year, and, especially, for women business owners. Used to their children being in school for most of the day – or away at school every day, in college or working – many are finding the pressures of helping their children maintain school work, having their families at home and working full time, overwhelming.

I was inspired to create an online group where the women in my network could collaborate and connect for success. It was exciting to experience the response from women of all ages and stages. It was exciting to see old faces, and new, from different parts of my network and from around the country.  Not only do we learn from each other, we make new connections and, often, business transpires. 

Our first discussions centered on how life was different, managing it all and finding new ways to cope and keep moving forward. It was clear this was a different type of group. Connections formed and we all began to truly look forward to the next meeting.

The best part is the type of woman who attends – selfless, relational, collaborative and interested in the other participants. They are the true representation of a mastermind that works. We continue to discuss meaningful topics where everyone learns something new each and every meeting.

My top four goals for Wonder Women Mastermind Club:

Goal #1

Grow the community. The beauty of a mastermind lies in its diversity. Not everyone can make every meeting so more members means positive interchange, and the opportunity to meet new members each time the group meets. That is why I’ve extended the annual fee of $60 to anyone who joins before August 1, 2021.

Goal #2

Engage the community. Recaps follow each meeting. We capture important information shared in the chat and group discussion. Members’ contact information is published every month and interaction continues between sessions. 

Goal #3

Educate the community. Each month we highlight a specific topic and share information of value to the group. The topic is further discussed in small breakout rooms and the large follow-up session.  

Goal #4

Highlight the community. The public Wonder Women Mastermind Facebook Group provides opportunities to share what you are up to, what else you need and offers an opportunity to hold conversations with the greater group.

Closing Thoughts

Think of Wonder Women Mastermind as your ad hoc board of advisors, a think tank where you help each other find the resources you need to move to the next step in your life or your business. It is also a place to try out new ways of thinking, find new ideas and expect and receive honest feedback. We hope you will join us, every third Wednesday of the month from 1:00pm-2:30pm CT. $60 annual fee through August 1, 2021. Or come once as a guest. $20 for 1 session.

Complete the registration here: 

We hope you will join us.

Gail Zelitzky, founder and facilitator