It’s spring. Time to shift your thinking to get different results.

The crocuses are blooming, the sun is shining more days than not and today, on my walk, I saw a beautiful field of snow glories. These carefree plants multiply annually to blanket your spring in blue. They signal spring is coming.

The shift in the weather helps us to lighten up even as we don our masks when leaving the comfort of our home offices.

Are you on track to achieve the results you are seeking in 2021? Will you conduct business from the same old paradigm and wind up in the same place at the end of the year – slowly making progress or none at all?

The pandemic has certainly changed the way I think. Since we cannot rely on in-person meetings it means we have to give 150% each time we connect with people via Zoom. Volumes have been written on how to make a good first impression on video; how to alter your environment, and light up your face. (Try LumeCube or Ulanzi Video Conference Lighting – available at Amazon.) Wonder Women Mastermind Club even held a pitch session, run by Vickie Rock, so you could learn how to be noticed when introducing yourself.

All of that is important but it is not what I mean when I say ‘we have to give 150%’. How many Zoom sessions have you attended where the number of black squares with white names outnumber the squares with peoples’ faces? Of course, there are times someone must answer an important call or turn off the video to move to a quieter spot. But……….when you attend a meeting that is live and interactive, you must also interact and be alive. Ask appropriate questions, comment on what someone else says, show expression when you speak. Participate!

And, after, reach out to anyone you felt a connection with. Invite him/her to a private Zoom call. Ask what you can do to help her achieve her goals. Spend 75% of the time talking about her. When you are off the call, do what you promised. Follow up is even more important today than ever before. We never know where the next big deal will come from. What we do know is they rarely come by chance. Finally, think long and hard about why you are attending the meeting. When you signed up for it was it because you believed it would be meaningful for you? Covid has given us the opportunity to stop and think; to reflect on what is the most important thing to be doing now.

Reconsider your goals for the year by asking the following questions:

  • Are the activities I am doing everyday leading me to where I want to go?
  • Am I clear on my objectives?
  • Am I using my time and intelligence in the best ways possible?
  • Is my profit path clear?
  • Are my personal goals aligned with my professional ones?
  • Will I accomplish my goals or do I need to shift my thinking to get different results?

I don’t know about you. I know, for me, that reflection, focus, clarity and planning make all the difference in how my day goes. Reflection helps me decide if what worked today is right for tomorrow. The tiniest tweaks, the smallest shifts, an objective point of view – these are the keys to getting different results.

Women Rising – my newest year-long, expansion coaching group for 10 women-owned businesses with 6 figures or more, who are excited to double or triple their income, has 3 openings. If you have goals to achieve in 2021, and truly want to shift your thinking, reach out and we can hop on Zoom to discuss the details.

Yours for continued success,

Gail Zelitzky