Get a Running Start on 2017 – no more resolutions that go nowhere!

I love this time of the year.

Not only is December my birth month (enough of a reason for me to love it),  it suddenly occurred to me that my son, Steve Olsher, wrote about his birthday this November and shared his battle with life and death when he was born. Both my mother and I […]

Stop Selling & SOAR – 7 Tips to Perfecting Your Pitch

Your Pitch is your stepping stone to opportunity.

What is an elevator pitch, anyway? You can read tons of books on the subject, watch a bunch of videos, listen to pitches at networking events and, you will find, everyone has a different take on what it should be. In essence, it’s a brief statement about WHY […]

How Effective is Your Networking Introduction?

This morning I was invited to attend a networking meeting. As usual, the members introduced themselves first. The guests followed. I admit, these were some of the most creative introductions I’ve heard anywhere. As a guest I had 60 seconds to share a lifetime of work to a roomful of strangers in a way that […]

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Over 30 years experience owning my own successful businesses, in good times and bad, have given me insight into why some businesses grow year after year, and others just meander along, barely making it.

When I was a partner in my father’s business, early in my career, and coached and consulted our retail franchisees, I started […]

Are you ready for 2016?

Steve Sawyer, Ameriprise Financial and Heather Major, Plan2Grow, are on a roll. Their already successful businesses have taken on a new life of their own. There is no stopping them this year. Join them at Transformation Lab on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday in January and save. 1st session is on us.

Click here to read […]

How Gratitude Shows Up When You’re Open To It

The holidays are around the corner. As this year comes to a close, we fervently hope that 2022 brings new beginnings, the end of Covid and a return to normalcy. May your Thanksgiving be bountiful. Sending love and gratitude to all who shared my world in 2021, and to all whom I am yet to […]