I love this time of the year.

Not only is December my birth month (enough of a reason for me to love it),  it suddenly occurred to me that my son, Steve Olsher, wrote about his birthday this November and shared his battle with life and death when he was born. Both my mother and I battled for our lives when I was born. I have the scar to prove it. I was given a shot of adrenalin to get me breathing. My mother laid in bed for 9 months to be sure I reached full-term and during birth practically died. Why is it that I never equated the two incidents as more than coincidental? Bonds form in strange ways.

Perhaps that is all the more reason for me to love December. I view it as an opportunity to review where I’ve been and where I’m going. While everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays – there are lots of parties and festivities to attend – work is not consuming them in its usual way, offering a perfect opportunity to meet with people and ask them where their heads are for the coming year. What in their lives influence them to this very day? (Sounds like a perfect podcast theme.)

In addition to all the parties, I get to meet quietly with folks who are normally too tied up in their business to take a moment to relax.

It’s a perfect time to call colleagues I haven’t spoken with in a while, check up on past clients, plan a few intimate dinners of my own. During Thanksgiving with my California grandchildren, we spent a full day baking 4 different types of cookies. Who gets to do that in the ordinary rush of the regular work week?

Most of all, I get to do a Start, Stop, Continue on my own business year. What do I need to start doing, what have I been doing that I need to stop? And what really worked that I should celebrate and do more of?

How many of the ideas that I wrote down on January 1, 2016, did I actually START and get off the ground? Did I start my book? Did I start making more phone calls instead of taking the easy way out and emailing folks? How about that signature speech I hoped to develop? Did I crystallize my message so business owners get what Gearshift is and why Spectrum mastermind will help them grow? Did I exceed my revenue goals?

And, what should I STOP? What no longer serves me? What am I doing that makes me feel really busy but gets me nowhere?

Am I networking in the right places to meet key people with whom I can strike a strategic alliance?

For sure, there are many things to Stop doing on a daily basis: spending too much time on email; not following my plan; not thinking sales; not working on my business at a high level.

The most satisfying piece of this exercise is replaying everything that did work, that I should CONTINUE, that I should celebrate.

How about all the folks I coached who exceeded their goals, discovered new ways of thinking, opened up new revenue streams? How about those people whose dreams became realities? What about all the new approaches I developed that helped people get faster results?

2017 is just around the corner. Will you get a running start? Or are you the person who makes top quality New Year’s resolutions but doesn’t keep up the momentum to reach your goals?

Perhaps you need a group that you can connect, collaborate and communicate with on a regular basis. That could be SPECTRUM Mastermind. If interested, let me know.

Or, maybe you want someone who can help you to review your year and define strategies for the coming year.  For the month of January only, I will coach just 5 people, at $197 each, to define where they are and where they want to go. We will use my growth system template that will start your year off right so you can create a more powerful future.

It’s time to get GEARSHIFT. More power. More Precision. More Profit.

Here’s to your prosperity in 2017.

Gail Zelitzky