In my first entry into the world of business I joined my father’s company, becoming partner and COO 3 years later. Business was in my blood and it became my path.

We franchised independent retail liquor stores. Here I learned why leadership is the make or break success factor. There was a huge range of difference in the stores’ performance. Each had access to the same program – the name, Foremost Liquors, award-winning marketing, advertising, merchandising, sales promotions; co-operative buying, operations consulting, and so much more. All they had to do was service the customer, keep their stores in mint condition, pay attention to operations and stick to the strategy. Help was a phone call away. And yet, many of them, in every market we operated, were stuck around $300,000, year in and year out.

And then there were the stars – high-performing franchisees that annually exceeded millions of dollars in revenue, a few topping $15 million. Today those same retailers do upwards of $100 million annually.

That was when I knew I had to unlock the secret, to learn how and why their achievements varied so dramatically. I have been a student of leadership ever since.

My 2nd business was built from the ground up – it began as an innovative catalog company, Liquor by Wire™, for high-end wine and spirit gifts delivered internationally through our large network of retailers. We then morphed into online marketing and became one of the first 500 e-merchants,™, which grew through unique branding, advertising programs, and because of joint ventures with other online merchants. Now a dot com, we moved towards an IPO, taking on investors and ramping up employees to manage operations. We secured SEC clearance on the Nasdaq for a December, 2000 IPO. With millions of dollars in annual revenue and a profitable bottom line, we still succumbed to the fall of dotcoms everywhere. The deal could not be completed and we imploded. There is a happy ending, however: we held on to the URL and, some years later, successfully resurrected it with a brand new approach and team.

I tell you this because the breadth of experience I bring to GEARSHIFT™ translates across industries. From that moment on I devoted myself to coaching, teaching, and mentoring success-driven business owners. I apply the same intensity to coaching you as I did to building my own businesses. Why face uncertainty and make decisions alone? We all need mentors who believe in us and understand the road we are traveling. You cannot be expected to know what you do not know. If you were a surgeon, a professional soccer player, a symphonic musician wouldn’t you hire a coach to help you become the best you can be?


1. Clarity
2. New leadership skills
3. Support in all areas of operation


4. Stronger team engagement
5. Increased revenue
6. Higher satisfaction

This is what long-time client, Cara Lindell of Kinetic Konnections has to say: “A very different meeting today. I truly appreciate your way of helping me to organize my thoughts to provide clarity for direction on how to empower my team by giving them structure to flourish within.”

Cara is successful. You deserve to be successful, too, and to possess the power, precision and profits that will substantially impact your life and the lives of your employees, community and world, if that is what you desire.

Coaching helps you shift the way you think, act and lead. You become more agile, less reactionary and better focused. You develop more cohesive teams and embrace creativity as a growth strategy.

The best part is that there is a system to growth and you can learn it. There is a personality and a methodology to great leadership and you can get it. GEARSHIFT™ will get you there faster.

Success is different for everyone. Email us today at for a complimentary consultation and to see if GEARSHIFT™ is right for you.

Yours for success your way,