The Chicago Tribune declared 2018 the year of Wonder. The year of ‘Yes, And….. The year we open up our minds and hearts, to live each day in a state of curiosity, to believe there are unseen solutions to the problems that plague us, our business and our society ,and, 1 by 1, group by group, solve them.

I call it the year of Big Questions. And that got me thinking.

Women business owners in different stages of development and sales cycles face different issues,  have different worries and sit with unresolved questions.

Who do you discuss the nitty-gritty of your business with? Who are your brainstorm buddies? Who holds you accountable to getting answers and implementing on them?

Once you reach 15-20 years or more as a woman business owner, the questions we ask start to change. Start-ups have a different set of issues from us. Men often view business from a different perspective. How often do we get to learn from other women who are precisely in our stage of business and personally understand what we face each and every day?

Your business is your baby, isn’t it?  You gave it breath, you nurtured it, you inspired its success. I’ll bet your employees are like family.

These are some of the questions I get asked as I coach seasoned women business owners who face the same challenges you do:

  1. What’s next for my business and for me?
  2. My business is growing – am I the one to lead it into the future?
  3. Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  4. What do I still want to do?
  5. Have I accomplished all I desire, or am I seeking greater impact still?
  6. Am I ready to take on more?
  7. How long do I really want to work?
  8. Should I consider selling my business? If so, when?
  9. What would transition look like?
  10. Do I have a draft succession plan or buyout structure in place?
  11. Have I realistically planned how much money I’ll need to fund my retirement?
  12. Is retirement out of the question because it’s still a struggle in multiple areas?
  13. How can I increase my income?
  14. What are all the ways I can increase my passive income?
  15. What legacy do I want to leave?

Can you imagine how satisfying it would be to meet monthly with other women business owners who are in the same stage as you, who view your success as important as their own and who are committed to supporting you with resources, knowledge, wisdom and best practices? A safe-haven where no question is too silly or private. A confidential setting where you can bring your most pressing challenges, big dreams and audacious goals and know with 100% certainty you will be taken seriously and get answers?

This is why I founded and lead WONDER WOMEN, a private in-person mastermind group for 12 inspirational, impactful, passionate, strong, resilient and accomplished women, all quietly doing great, worthwhile initiatives behind the scenes. True game-changers, all. And all seasoned women business owners.

This group supports and nurtures each other. They work together towards a future filled with greater promise. We laugh, create and innovate. We impact each other’s lives and our world. Because we are all in a similar stage of business, we understand each other. It’s a small leap to manifest each of our visions for what the future brings. From leadership comes legacy.

In the last few years I’ve been fortunate to study masterminding from one of the major gurus in the industry. I facilitate groups, teach adults and mentor entrepreneurs. I built 2 multiple 7-figure companies and have coached successful entrepreneurs for 20 years. I’m now in my 4th decade as a business owner who works exclusively with other business owners so they can achieve their dreams.

Here are just a few of our members:

Diane Yetter – Founder * CEO – 21 years

YETTER Tax and the innovative, fast-growing Sales Tax Institute has big goals this year to increase revenue and attendance in their existing and new course offerings; increase productivity in their consulting business, work fewer hours and gain control of staffing challenges with employees and independent contractors.

LYNN HAZAN – Founder * President – 18 years

Lynn Hazan & Associates Executive Recruitment Firm.  LH&A finds success through placing communications and marketing talent for Fortune 500 companies, PR and ad agencies, trade associations, entrepreneurial companies and not for profits. They work nationwide, with a special emphasis on Chicago and the Midwest. Lynn seeks to create a working staffing model and continue growing her business.

EMILY BOYLAN – Founder * CEO – 14 years

Lime Red Studio, is a think tank of design, research, communications, and tech experts and is a B Corp that designs social issues. Emily has big plans this year to continue social justice work while expanding and growing the business.

CARA LINDELL – Founder * CEO – 16 years

Kinetic Konnections bridges gaps in movement transitions essential for growing, learning, and living! Cara is founder of the Bridging technique, a ground-breaking innovation relating the principles of physics to human development, regulation and movement, reframing how we view health and healthcare. Based in Northbrook, the company continues to expand. Cara has big plans for gaining wider recognition on its impact in treating people and growing in capacity to help more clients.

Do any of these descriptors sound like you?

Illuminati     First-class    Successful    Sophisticated    Professional   Spirited     Street-wise     Impactful

Inspirational    Possess Inner drive    Brave     Passionate    Perpetually curious     Forceful      Game-changer

Strong     Inspiring     High Achieving    A force for change    Accomplished     Responsible    Overcomes obstacles

Resilient    Accepts Intimacy

Only women of this caliber are considered for membership. If these descriptors sound like you, consider applying for membership. Send me an email (, provide me your phone number, and tell me why you think you are a perfect candidate. I’d be delighted to chat with you. To participate in Wonder Women Mastermind, you must be 100% in – still growing and learning. Willing to meet monthly from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on the third Wednesday each month and engage in a Zoom call 2 weeks later. Our next meeting is February 21. If you attend this meeting, as a founding member, you will enjoy extraordinary perks.

This is a year-long experience and while I know you will derive enormous benefit from the group think during this year, my long-term hope is we continue on year after year, inspiring each other and impacting our world.

Until the next time,