Are you ready to take the next steps that will propel you forward?

Are you satisfied with your business? Is it a struggle to get where you want to go? Research shows that if you are unhappy with the results you are achieving this year, you will find yourself in exactly the same place at the end of next year. Unless, you do something now to change your perspective on what it takes to grow.

Today, smart women seek guidance so they can build a strong foundation on which to grow year after year. In my 1st career, I owned 2 multi-million-dollar companies. It was not easy. I struggled because I did not ask for enough help. I thought I was expected to do it all on my own. This is why I coach women. I’m passionate about teaching them the tips and tricks that make it easier to operate and could take years to learn. Your time is too valuable to make mistakes that are avoidable. Experience less stress and grow faster, personally and professionally, in less time.

There are 3 ways to work with me:

1) One 3-Hour Visioning Session – $1500 (in person or over zoom)

A special 3-hour fast-paced, jam-packed meeting for time-starved entrepreneurs. Before we meet you complete my SOAR FOR SUCCESS Assessment™ which sets us down the right path and identifies the areas that are crucial to work on now. In just 3 hours, you will:

  • Become crystal clear on your brand
  • Create the path your customers will take with you
  • Identify the work you should do each day to start increasing revenue now
  • Carve out time to focus in on your most profitable opportunities
  • Rediscover your unlimited potential

In this one 3-hour session you will find answers to your most pressing challenges. You will reimagine your future, reignite your passion, realign your values and leave with a fully implementable plan for changing how you work, and what you work on. If you devote yourself to accomplishing the goals you set during the session, your revenue will increase and you will enjoy bottom line profits in the year ahead. Visioning includes an additional 1-hour meeting in the 30 days following the session to be sure you are able to implement the plan and discuss tweaks as necessary.

If you prefer a full day session, the additional 3 hours are $1500.

2) 6-month Sales Coaching – 1:1 50-minute sessions (in person or over zoom) – $1800 payable $300/mo

Something is holding you back and you need to know what it is. Or, perhaps you do know and you recognize that you need help in this area. Sales is the most important driver of your business. If revenue is not consistently increasing, year over year, your approach to sales is not working. In 6 months, we will discover where the problem lies, attack it, and create a new sales plan to get your business moving.

3) Join Wonder Women Mastermind™ – $4500/year (pay in full), OR $400/month

Become part of a unique community of women business owners that inspires positive change in you and your business. In a confidential setting, through a masterful blend of coaching and mastermind you will comfortably discuss your challenges, celebrate your successes and take the hot seat to transform the way you work.

Thrive on the energy and excitement of collaborative meetings with women who are committed to supporting you over a full year. You will never think the same ways again.

The component that assures this is far more than a networking group is the expert facilitation and coaching you receive. You walk away from every meeting with renewed clarity, vision and energy. Wonder Women Mastermind becomes your Board of Advisors.

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