How effective a leader are you? Are you in need of clarity? Would redirecting your focus get you further? Does your business reflect you and what you stand for? Perhaps it is time for a gentle shift in perspective.

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Are your employees engaged in helping you grow? Do you hire the best people for the job? Is your culture nurturing and sustainable? Do you want to learn how to establish a team that thrives on creativity, trust and collaboration?

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Interactive, engaged learning is in! Public speaking is an art that requires a true desire to impact the audience. The right blend of story-telling, authenticity, entertainment and education brings forth meaningful substance and provides value.

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“Running your own business is overwhelming at times. There’s so much you’re supposed to know. So many decisions you have to make. So much you have to do. It’s incredibly helpful to have a coach like Gail who can create a safe space for you to do the thinking you need to do. Her insight and experience are incredibly valuable. And her intuition and compassion are priceless.” —Sarah Thurber, Four Sight


“Working with Gail is a natural follow up to my participation in the Goldman Sachs 10,000k program. Through Transformation Lab and individual coaching I have been able to translate my learning into actionable items that have led to my becoming a strong leader, taking charge of my business and steadily increasing revenue. I am now implementing concrete steps to increase the productivity of my staff and am able to expand my thinking beyond the everyday crises. My future is once again clear to me and bright.” —Ellen Anderson, Rally Insurance


“Gail’s presentations are simply outstanding. Well worth the time invested. I walked away with a new perspective & action plan for my day to day operations. I highly recommend Gail for your next corporate retreat or engagement!” —Emily Smith, Bespoke Commercial Real Estate

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